Camp Revolt is a fun haven for physical and mental growth. We encourage kids' natural abilities and create a social setting where the benefits of group interaction can be experienced during the summer and afterwards.

WHat else is NEW @ camp revolt 2019?


MOre 'Re-Think' w/ G3 Tutoring

Camp Revolt is back with G3 Tutoring to bring you Re-Think with G3: a hands-on approach to education, done the right way.

The activities are geared towards reinforcing physics, science, math, and arts & crafts skills so that the campers can discover or develop an already existing passion. Expect to not just build and launch rockets this year!


Drop the controller, we have real life 'FORTNITE!'

Get ready to soak fellow campers with water blasters, water balloons, and other items. The catch? It’s a ‘Fortnite’ Battle Royale. Every round will have 4 teams of 3 and each player will have 3 stickers (same as player lives) placed on their chest and back that change color when wet. All players will start empty handed and will have to scavenge chests and other locations for blasters, etc. within the bunkered field. Be careful, don’t let others wet all 3 stickers if you want to win!


now kids get to choose what they eat

Meals are meant to be tasty and healthy for kids to grow mentally and physically, that is why this year Camp Revolt is proud to announce a custom menu from local restaurants Pita Pockets and The Golden Hog.

We can cater to all allergies and requests (gluten free, etc.), please make sure to make them known in the registration form.

Snacks and fruits will always be available throughout the day to make sure the kids keep having fun and fuel their curiosities!

Arts & Crafts

Have you ever wanted to make edible pancake art?

How about jewelry? Your own personalized chocolate?

A Father’s Day surprise gift? A painted portrait of what catches your eye?

All that and more in Arts & Crafts at Camp Revolt 2019!

Old Favorites and New Field Trip Adventures!

Camp Revolt has a field trip every week! Apart from returning classics like the PAMM and FROST museums, this year we will go to:

  • Escape Room: Can you and your fellow campers follow the clues and escape in time from the principles office? What about come up with a cure for zombies before time is up? Put your skills to the test in this field trip!

  • Miami Children’s Museum: Spark your natural curiosity about the world and life-long love of learning. Everything in this museum is interactive, how would you be as a banker? Can you use a crane, bulldozer, wheel barrels and more as you explore different building stations that incorporate elements of a real construction zones? Let’s find out and more on this field trip!

  • Other great destinations!

There are so many more activities!

Below is a glimpse of life at Camp Revolt!

A typical day

Because Learning CAN Be Fun

Each day at Camp Revolt is filled with exciting activities and programs. The daily schedule allows campers time to explore individual interests and make new friends with fellow campers. Activities are always age appropriate.

A typical day begins with the morning "huddle" - a Camp Revolt meeting to prepare for the day ahead. Every day is an opportunity for campers to develop their minds and physical capabilities through sports & exercise, science & engineering experimentation, arts & crafts workshops, and valuable social skills & friendships. Kids will get to enjoy a beachfront club with beach access, a pool, included healthy meals/snacks/shakes, indoor/outdoor accommodation, recreational activities (watersports, hang-out, games, etc.)

Every Friday there is a fun field trip! (Frost Science Museum, PAMM, etc.)

Our Promise to you

We know that sending a child to summer camp requires an act of faith on behalf of parents. We take your trust and our responsibility very seriously. That is why we maintain an environment that encourages education, fun, health and reinforces a positive self-image.

We provide campers with opportunities for physical and mental growth. We encourage their natural abilities and instill the benefits of group interaction and a social setting during the summer. Revolt Summer Camp aims to bring back those summers we all recall and enjoyed. Also, to remind today’s kids that the summer time contributes to learning and growing up just as much as the scholastic seasons do, if not more.

Revolt’s program paves the way to a healthier, smarter, more creative future for your child. We only promote good values and morals with genuine friendship. Our goal is to provide an exciting summer experience that motivates our campers and boosts their confidence and development in and out of school. 

We can’t wait to share a summer filled with activities that were specifically designed for kids to have fun and above all, learn!